Mine the Sentiments about Ideas
Building communities around Ideas

One of the goals of Idea Management is to build communities around ideas and stimulate users to discuss about proposed innovations.

Problem: As the community grows it requires more and more effort from the reviewers to track all discussions and analyze the overall opinion about ideas.

Current solution: The regular solution to this problem is to use metrics like comment count and various idea ratings (up/down, prediction markets etc.).

We would like to suggest a different approach.

Analyze text with opinion mining

In Gi2MO we propose to analyze the comments automatically using a technique called Opinion Mining.

This method uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to automatically determine if a comment expresses an opinion that is positive, negative or neutral in reference to the related idea.

This approach allows to process in real time user comments and obtain overall sentiment of the community about a particular idea or in general about entire idea campaign.

Calculate opinion rating for ideas

Gi2MO delivers a prototype solution that calculates ratings of all posted comments in your system and returns a result based on how much positive or how much negative the user opinion is.

For every idea, our module analyses the opinion ratings of all the comments posted on the idea’s timeline and gives a final opinion score.

Using this method we obtain a new type of rating for an Idea Management System.

Share metadata and Compare communities

Additionally, we introduce a new metadata schema for publishing opinion information online, in a structured form, embedded as part of HTML of your IdeaStream pages.

The benefit of this technology is that you can apply a variety of data processing tools for analytics of your IdeaStream system, without implementing any sort of complex web services.

For example, you can compare multilingual IdeaStream instances with our Idea Browser solution.

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