Collect and Share Ideas
The principle goal of IdeaStream is to collect ideas from communities. In IdeaStream innovators can use a web form to submit ideas structured into various description parts (e.g. idea title, problem description, solution etc.) and attach any desirable content (e.g. images).

Depending on the audience type, the structure and submission methods can be customized to request various additional details of ideas or simplify the input.
Collaborate on Improving Ideas
Idea Management Systems are based on notion of open innovation. IdeaStream implements this by sharing all ideas to public and allowing to comment on them and vote to express support or discontent.

Additionally, IdeaStream delivers privilege system that can be customized to allow sharing ideas only among certain innovator groups (for example run public innovation contests and private ones in parallel).
Tag and Categorize Ideas to Improve Organization
IdeaStream allows to categorize ideas in predefined Idea Categories as well as let community shape the organization of knowledge by using tags and keywords.

The amount of categorizations can be extended in many ways to create more sophisticated hierarchies.
Idea and Innovator Rankings
A common practice in open innovation is to stimulate feedback by encouraging competition between innovators.

IdeaStream shows a number of idea and innovator rankings visible for all users that promote the most popular ideas and advertise most active members of the community.
Idea Contests
Idea Contest List Idea Contest and Ideas
Innovators left without any incentives or guidance will not always act as desired by the organizers.

IdeaStream delivers Idea Contests that allow to announce events set in time for collecting specific types of ideas and stimulate communities.
Run Internal Idea Reviews
The interface visible for innovators is only a fraction of IdeaStream capabilities. The true power of our suite emerges when managing and organizing the community created content in the backend.

IdeaStream enables to create reviews for ideas and make a variety of internally defined rankings.
Idea Review Summary Review Creation Screen
Filter and Track Ideas
IdeaStream delivers the Analytics module that allows managers to browse and filter the collected innovations in a more streamlined tabular interface and charts.

Additionally, the Analytics module, calculates a number of statistics that enable to track the performance of your system and analyze the gathered data in a single dashboard.
Idea Analytics Summary Idea Management Review Management Idea Timeline Charts
Detect Similar Ideas
One of the major problems in open innovation is overwhelming amount of ideas in the system.

An extension module called IdeaStream Similarity allows to request innovators to relate their ideas to other similar ones as well as point to duplicates.
Report Similar Ideas Idea Relationship Management
Configure Relationship Types New Idea Snippet
Prototype Solutions for Idea Assessment
IdeaStream is a spin-off from a research project that delivers a number of solutions for idea organization and filtering.

Visit our Gi2MO Research page and try some of our solutions to keep up with the newest and upcoming Innovation Management trends!
Customize Everything
IdeaStream is based on Content Management System called Drupal. This platform enables to customize all of the above mentioned elements as well as supply new functionalities via extensions. Apart of the customizing functionality, Drupal allows to easily theme the look of the entire system.

Drupal has a vibrant and active community that delivers a variety of modifications and extensions that can be easily used to extend and customize the capabilities of IdeaStream (e.g. integration with social networking platforms, enterprise authentication etc.).