Gi2MO IdeaStream is a set of modules that customizes a popular CMS called Drupal to work as an Idea Management System. All elements of Gi2MO IdeaStream are licensed under GNU GPLv2.

The goal of IdeaStream is to deliver the very basic functionalities present in modern day Idea Management Systems yet to make them available as Open-Source and free to be used by anyone. In addition, the philosophy behind is to use as much as possible of what has been already developed as part of the Drupal platform.

Gi2MO IdeaStream consists of the following parts (both Drupal 6.x and 7.x supported):

  • IdeaStream module - the core part of the application. It reconfigures Drupal and creates data necessary for Idea Management to work.
  • IdeaStream Elements module - a supplement module that delivers custom functionality on top of what Drupal already enables
  • IdeaStream theme - a custom theme the reorganizes the look & feel of Drupal to match the goals of Idea Management System.

Additionally, Gi2MO delivers the following support modules (optional, only for Drupal 6.x):

  • IdeaStream Analytics - delivers statistics and charts that visualize the performance of the Idea Management System over time. Also enables to review all contents of the system in a summarized tabular form.
  • IdeaStream Similarity - adds capability to detect similar ideas and user interface elements to submit reports of similarities.



Installation and Troubleshooting: The installation of IdeaStream is straightforward just like any other Drupal module. We recommend to install it on a fresh Drupal instance. The only important thing to remember is to enable the IdeaStream modules/themes in the correct order. For detailed installation instructions please refer to the INSTALL.txt file delivered in the IdeaStream package.

We provide two installation packages: bundle and basic. The bundle version delivers IdeaStream, Drupal and all the required modules in the versions that were tested together with IdeaStream. This installation package is recommend in order to avoid problems. The basic version contains only the IdeaStream modules and theme and is ment to be used as a distribution form for future updates or for users that wish to experiment with configuration on their own.

In case of any problems or help requests feel free to contact us directly. For proposals of new functionalities we recommend to use our own Idea Management System running on IdeaStream.

Current Version (v1.8):
Online Demo Access:

Drupal 6.x installation packages (recommended)
Installation Package, Bundle version (recommended): IdeaStream+Drupal 6.28+all modules
Installation Package, Basic version: Only IdeaStream modules

Drupal 7.x installation packages
Installation Package, Bundle version: IdeaStream+Drupal 7.26+all modules
Installation Package, Basic version: Only IdeaStream modules for Drupal 7.x

Previous Versions:

IdeaStream v1.7: ideastream_basic_v1.7 | ideastream_bundle_v1.7
IdeaStream v0.1.6.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.6.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.6.1a
IdeaStream v0.1.6a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.6a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.6a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.4a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.4a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.4a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.3a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.3a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.3a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.2a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.2a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.2a
IdeaStream v0.1.5.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5.1a
IdeaStream v0.1.5a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.5a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.5a
IdeaStream v0.1.4a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.4a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.4a
IdeaStream v0.1.3a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.3a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.3a
IdeaStream v0.1.2a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.2a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.2a
IdeaStream v0.1.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1.1a
IdeaStream v0.1a: ideastream_basic_v0.1a | ideastream_bundle_v0.1a


The module adds a new menu option called Idea Analytics to Gi2MO IdeaStream that allows to access:

  • Summary Statics- general overview of all data in the Idea Management System, e.g. count of posts per each content type; maximal, minimal and average amounts of comments, reviews per idea. time statistics etc.
  • Charts - timeline statistics (per month and per year) for ideas, contests, reviews and comments. Additionally bar charts with breakdown of posts per each category type.
  • Idea, Contest and Review management - table views that allow to browse the content submitted by users, view basic statistics and filter this data based on various criteria.

In addition to the above, the module supports the Gi2MO Types taxonomy. Upon the detection of taxonomy IdeaStream Analytics allows access to charts and statistics on annotations that describe ideas characteristics. For details how to install and use Gi2MO Types in your IdeaStream refer to the related blog post.

The availability of IdeaStream Analytics functionalities for particular user roles or groups can be customized using User Permissions in the Drupal administration settings screen. The module adds a new 'view analytics content' permission for this purpose.

Aside of the IdeaStream modules, the IdeaStream Analytics module relies and requires the following Drupal modules (all are included in the distribution package): Charts and Graphs, Date, jQuery UI, Views GroupBy (modified version, released with IdeaStream v0.1.5).

Current Version (v1.7.1):

Source Code:
Related blog post: To measure and calculate innovation: Introducing IdeaStream Analytics

Previous Versions:

IdeaStream Analytics v1.7.0:
IdeaStream Analytics v0.1.6.1:
IdeaStream Analytics v0.1.6:
IdeaStream Analytics v0.1.5:


The module injects new elements in a variety of places in the Gi2MO IdeaStream interface and depending on user role and privileges allows to:

  • select relationships for newly created idea - IdeaStream Similarity can detect and suggest similar ideas when new ideas are being created. It can prompt idea creators to select relationships with existing ideas directly after they submit their new idea.
  • manage relationships- feature aimed for moderators, available for every idea under 'Similar Ideas' tab in the idea panel. Allows to browse, add, delete and change all relationships of an idea. Additionally allows to approve or reject requests for idea similarity made by regular users.
  • create new ideas that extend existing ones - members of the community inspired by existing ideas can choose to extend them immediately setting the relation between their idea and the existing one.
  • submit reports of idea similarity - members of the community can submit reports for existing ideas to link them with other (e.g. suggest duplicates). It is possible to automatically approve those requests or let moderators to handle queries manually.

In addition to the above, the module delivers a verity of settings that allow to customize its work:

  • create, remove, edit relationship types, by default the module creates: duplicate, opposite, extension relationships
  • set max. amount of suggestions that is shown to users when asking for idea relationships
  • enable/disable prompting users for idea relationships every time they create a new idea

The availability of all IdeaStream Similarity functionalities can be customized depending on particular user role or user group. This can be set using standard Drupal User Permissions system in the Drupal administration settings screen under 'similar_ideas module' section.

Aside of the IdeaStream modules, the IdeaStream Similarity module relies and requires the Lucene API Drupal module (included in the distribution package). This module is used to maintain a keyword index for all ideas and deliver similarity measure for ranking the most related ideas.

Current Version (v3.2):

Source Code:
Related blog post:

Previous Versions:

IdeaStream Similarity v3.1.0: ideastream_similarity_v3.1.0

IdeaStream Similarity v3.0.0: ideastream_similarity_v3.0.0

IdeaStream Similarity v2.0.2: ideastream_similarity_v2.0.2